tomorrow, everyone's eyes are directed towards Taif The Saudi teams Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal meet in King Salman Cup for Arab Clubs 2023 final

tomorrow, everyone’s eyes are directed towards Taif The Saudi teams Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal meet in King Salman Cup for Arab Clubs 2023 final

Tomorrow, Saturday, King Salman Cup for Arab Clubs 2023 will be concluded, through the final match between the Saudi teams Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal, at King Fahd Sports City Stadium in Taif, at 6 pm in KSA time.

Al-Nassr defeated the Iraqi team Al-Shorta 1-0, while Al-Hilal achieved a 3-1 victory against the Saudi team Al-Shabab, in the semi-finals, last Wednesday evening.

Press conferences were held for the coaches of Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal, on Friday afternoon, to talk about the latest preparations for the match.

Al-Nassr coach Luis Castro said: “We are happy to return to Taif again, and our goal from the first moment is to return here to play the final match. The match will be between two great teams. We respect Al-Hilal greatly, and we also respect our passion for victory. to the other, The team is improving and developing from one match to another, and this was evident in front of the Iraqi team Al-Shorta in the semi-finals.

He added: “It is true that we did not suffer any loss in the tournament, but we were facing difficulties at every stage until we achieve victory. Al-Hilal includes great stars, and it will be a wonderful match on the field. You say that Al-Hilal does not have a strong striker, but despite that, it scores and wins in every match, and everyone saw that”.

He concluded: “The match requires a great effort, and it will be decided in small details, and in any case we are fully prepared to face Al Hilal, and we will not think about stress, exhaustion, and moving twice between Taif and Abha in a few days. Jorge Jesus (Al-Hilal coach) and I have been friends for a long time, We played together earlier, and we met in many matches as coaches and exchanged victories, but tomorrow I wish success to my team, and he is”.

Nawaf Al-Aqidi, the goalkeeper of Al-Nassr, said: “We are very happy to reach the final match, and we will certainly compete in the final with only one goal, which is to achieve victory and win the cup. I hope to continue at the same level in the final match.”

Al-Hilal coach Jorge Jesus said: “Another final match added to my career. We have reached that stage with merit. We will face a strong competitor with players at the highest level. The match will be watched from all over the world, and it will be like a big party.”

He added: “In such matches, it is not possible to predict the formation and the way of playing for the two teams. After training on Friday, we will make sure that everyone is ready to play the match. I thank all the players, especially in the front lines, who scored goals despite the absence of a striker, and in the coming period we will complete the team needs”.

He concluded: “The final is always the final, and it witnesses the arrival of the two best teams in the tournament. You must be at the highest levels of readiness in order to reach that stage. I hope that the championship will go to my team, and immediately after that we will start thinking about the Saudi League match.”

Ali Al-Bulaihi, Al-Hilal player, explained: “It is natural for Al-Hilal to be a part of the final match. This tournament came at an important time in order to prepare for the new season. Al-Nassr has great players, and we will not be affected by the absence of any player either. But the alternative will also live up to expectations”.